Information about Centre

KISHINTAI centre is dedicated to the study and development of traditional Japanese martial arts.

The name of the centre is based on three Japanese characters: KI (energy) SHIN (spirit) and TAI (body). Training sessions employ traditional approaches to develop strength, spirit and moral values.

There are currently three martial arts that can be studied at the centre:

The history of the centre reaches back as far as 1993, while the current training facility (dojo) was created by the members of the centre in 2004.

The Japanese word dojo is often translated as the “place of the Way” (from DO (Way) and JO (Place)). This makes dojo not only a space where training classes are held and students learn martial arts, but also where they can meet with their teacher and other like-minded people. During its existence the KISHINTAI dojo has welcomed martial arts enthusiasts from many countries, such as Spain, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey, Iraq, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, the US and Japan.

KISHINTAI centre is a member of the Latvian Aikido Federation and the Latvian Iaido Federation.

Every year, the centre is engaged in organising and taking part in Aikido, Iaido and Kobujutsu seminars taught by teachers from Japan.

Senior students are regularly improving their skills in Japan and in European countries.

The centre is managed by Vladimir Jusupzanovs.